How To Book More Acting Work


I get a lot of messages asking me how I book so much acting work … Some people tell me that I’m so lucky to get that work. But they are wrong – it isn’t luck – it is constant effort.

So now I will tell you how I get A LOT of work.

will roberts how to book more acting work

Will Roberts speaks on how to book more acting work.

It all comes down to effort on social media AND Good Self Taping!

This has allowed me to have films and projects in China, Brazil, and India and there are more to come.

Recently I was asked to give a seminar by Austin Buchanan of the @filmactorworkshops in Tucson and here is that almost 2 HOUR talk… THERE IS NO better time to be an actor than NOW!

Social Media for Actors & Self Taping Tips Get You Booked!

As an actor of 38 years and having many large credits to my resume I can tell you that RIGHT NOW is the best time to be an actor. Plus, I can tell you that MANY of my credits I got MYSELF!

Not with an agent!

With today’s technology, cameras, social media and the internet you can now work all over the world and YOU can find that work yourself! In this video I will talk about social media for actors and performers.

BUT, the ideas and concepts are not only for performers, and can be used for any type of business.

How to Book More Acting Work

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Awesome presentation, Will, great pointers. Going to take action!

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Will Roberts is an Actor and Comedian, a SAG actor for the past 30 years. He developed a variety of talents. He was an on air FOX Kids host, seasoned theater actor, syndicated radio humorist, and performed on Las Vegas strip including comedic work with the famed Cirque du Soleil in the "Viva Elvis" show. Will is also a Guinness World Record Gun Spinner, and a trick-roping, whip-cracking professional cowboy.

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