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Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures has launched a talent search looking for an actress to play the lead role of Mulan, and an actor to play another lead role of Chen Honghui. Email submissions are being accepted from talent, and those chosen from the submissions will be invited to audition. Shooting will take place in China beginning in April, 2017. Potential participants must be available from April through October of 2017, and must be 100% available for the entire shoot and will live in China during the film’s production dates, all expenses paid.

“Mulan” takes place in the year 630 AD, and centers on an 18 year old Chinese girl who poses as a boy in order to join the Army, and although her original plan is to save her aging father from a quick and brutal death, her ultimate achievement is to save her Emperor and her country from being overrun by foreign invaders.

“Mulan” is being produced by Gold Derby Awards nominee Chris Bender and Gotham Independent Film Awards nominee J.C. Spink, along with Jason Reed and Jake Weiner. Writers are two-time Saturn Awards nominees Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver, Lauren Hynek, and Elizabeth Martin. “Mulan” is currently scheduled to be released in theaters on November 2, 2018.

Disney “Mulan” Casting Call Details

The following roles are being cast internationally:

MULAN – Female, 18-20 years old to play 18; must be able to speak fluent English and Mandarin Chinese; lithe, athletic, quick, tougher than she looks. Mulan lives in rural China in 630 AD, and her country is besieged, under attack by the Gokturk invaders. When her aging father volunteers to join the Army, Mulan sneaks out by night and takes his place, strapping down her breasts so she can pass for a man. There is a mysterious power inside Mulan, a power of speed and coordination and sheer force that places her at the peak of her unit — where no one suspects her secret.

CHEN HONGHUI – Male, in his 20s, must be able to speak fluent English and Mandarin Chinese; strapping, cocky, and handsome. Honghui is another recruit who joins Commander Tung’s unit, and he’s determined to be the best soldier in human history. Full of himself, with a mean, bullying streak to him, he quickly realizes that Mulan is his chief rival, but he does not realize that she is a woman. Grittily determined to be simply the best at everything, Honghui is increasingly peeved by Mulan’s ability to match or out-maneuver him. But after learning that his rival is a woman, his intense feelings of rivalry turn into something very different, something like love.

Martial arts training is a plus for both roles.

To be considered, talent should submit a headshot and resume:

You can also submit by regular postal mail. Please include:

1) A Current Photo
2) Contact Information including:

• Name
• Home phone
• Cell phone
• Address

3) Stats including:

• Ethnicity
• Height
• Weight
• Hair color
• Eye color

Please send your information to:

“Mulan” Submission
Nina Henninger Casting
5214F Diamond Hts Blvd #626
San Francisco, CA 94131-2175

Production Companies:

Do NOT send photos and resumes to the production companies, as they will end up being thrown away. They do not cast the films, rather they hire casting directors who sort through the thousands of submissions (see above).

Good Fear Films
8447 Wilshire Blvd.
Suite 250
Beverly Hills, CA 90211

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
500 S. Buena Vista Street
Team Disney Bldg.
Burbank, CA 91521


Chris Bender
J.C. Spink
Jason Reed
Jake Weiner


Rick Jaffa
Amanda Silver




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A young Chinese maiden disguises herself as a warrior in order to save her father. A live-action feature film based on Disney’s “Mulan”.


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